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Reverse Mortgages

Key Person Benefits - High Income Risk

Loans & Credit Repair for Businesses

College Funding

Qualifying for a reverse mortgage might be easier than you think.  Get a set monthly income or lump sum of cash with no monthly payments to make and you still own your home.  Let Columbia City Benefits Group help you explore your options.

Typical Group Life and Disability insurance offered to employees usually only cover a fraction of a key executive’s high income. Let Columbia City Benefits Group customize a benefit package to wrap around your group plan for key executives.  

Columbia City Benefits Group works with over 3500 vendors to help you secure the funds you need for your business.  We also offer credit repair services to help your business get on the right track to success.

The cost of a four year college education alone has nearly tripled in the last two decades.  Columbia City Benefits Group has several tax-advantaged, financial strategies and solutions that will help you to start saving now for your child’s future.  

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Life Insurance.  Secure your future and help protect your loved ones with an affordable Term Life, Whole Life, Universal Life, or with one of our Fixed Annuity Insurance products.   

Living Benefits.  Regular ife Insurance protects the financial well being of your loved ones upon your death, but what happens if you become unable to work due to a chronic or terminal illness while you are still alive?  Our Living Benefits products provide solutions that cost about the same as a regular life insurance policy, but pays you "accelerated" benefits before your death in the event of sudden or chronic illness such as a stroke, cancer and other illnesses.   

Final Expense Insurance.  Unlike life insurance, final expense policies have a much lower face value because they are intended to only cover costs related to a person’s burial and memorial services, which can average around $10,000.  That's why final expense policies can often be purchased at low or reasonable premiums, and in some instances, without a medical examination. 

Expenses Not Covered by Your Health Insurance

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Receive Tax Free Cash Benefits for Expenses Not Covered by Your Health Insurance