Cancer/Critical Illness

A diagnosis of cancer or other critical illness can prove disastrous to the financial future of both you and your family.   Fortunately, surviving cancer and other critical illness is becoming increasingly common with the advances in modern medical technology.  Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance can help reduce the personal financial impact of the cost of fighting these illnesses or keeping up with everyday bills through that process. Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance is a supplemental policy which will provide a lump-sum cash payment upon diagnosis of a covered condition. If you have a health insurance plan and/or disability insurance, Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance will provide benefits in addition to your other coverage.


Key Features of Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance:


-Lump-sum cash benefit paid directly to you.

-You decide how best to spend your payment.

-No network restrictions.

-Benefit level choices to fit your needs and budget.

-Simple plan options for your needs and budget.


The benefits and riders offered are supplemental and are not intended to cover all

medical expenses.  Certain terms, exclusions and limitations may apply.


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