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Columbia City Benefits Group is a full service insurance brokerage specializing in Medicare and other Supplemental insurance coverages.  We work with Seniors, Individuals and Small Groups in 40 states throughout the US.

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*Disclaimer:  This is intended for information purposes only.  We have attempted to provide the most accurate information possible, but we make no guarantees regarding its accuracy or completeness.  This information not intended to be legal, or other professional advice.  If you have questions, please contact us.  




Group Life Insurance

Along with health insurance, Life Insurance is considered one of the most important parts of the benefit package for employees.


Whether employer paid or voluntary, a good life insurance policy provides for an employee’s final expenses, taxes, mortgage and even their children’s education as well as offering additional added benefits. We can help employers protect their employees and their employees’ families with a variety of different life insurance products.  


Please read below for some brief information to learn about the various types of life insurance available:  


Cash Value Life Insurance Policies tie premiums to various types of investment accounts (stocks, bonds, money market, etc.) in which the savings can be tax deferred and/or borrowed against, if needed. These policies are known as:  whole life, universal life and variable life insurance.


Term Life Insurance Policies do not build cash value, however, they will pay a set amount to the named beneficiary upon the death of insured within the stated term. Some policies may also make payments upon terminal or critical illness.


Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefits are frequently offered with Health Insurance. These policies can be purchased with or without a Term Life Insurance benefit. If the employee incurs a loss of limb, sight and or hearing, the policy will pay out a lump sum or payments to the insured. In the event of accidental death, the policy would pay out a set amount to a named beneficiary.


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