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Columbia City Benefits Group is a full service insurance brokerage specializing in Medicare and other Supplemental insurance coverages.  We work with Seniors, Individuals and Small Groups in 40 states throughout the US.

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*Disclaimer:  This is intended for information purposes only.  We have attempted to provide the most accurate information possible, but we make no guarantees regarding its accuracy or completeness.  This information not intended to be legal, or other professional advice.  If you have questions, please contact us.  




Health Plans




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Columbia City Benefits Group offers a variety of individual and family major medical health insurance plans from the best carriers in the nation.  They can help you choose the plan that best fits your needs.  


A Health Maintenance Organization or HMO health plan requires you to appoint a primary care physician and to use doctors and facilities that are affiliated with the HMO.  If you use healthcare service providers outside of the HMO, there is a good chance those charges won’t be covered by your policy.  The great thing about an HMO is that the only charges you incur, outside of your premiums, are co-pays for doctor's visits and other services such as procedures and prescriptions.  


A Preferred Provider Organization or PPO will save you money on services if you use the preferred providers within the network.  Keep in mind that deductibles must be met on this plan before some services will be covered.   The good thing about a PPO is they generally will allow a certain amount of services annually outside of the deductible with a small co-pay, and most often the PPO has a large network with quality care providers and excellent prescription drug coverage.


A Health Savings Account or HSA is an option that many carriers are now offering as an enhancement to a traditional HMO or PPO plan.   HSAs combine a tax-favored savings account with a high deductible/low premium plan designed to save you money. Funds in the savings account are used to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses until the deductible is met.  Money left in the savings account at the end of the plan year continues to earns interest, tax free and rolls over to the next year.  


Low Premium, High Deductible Plans, sometimes known as Catastrophic Plans, are great for those healthy individuals who do not expect to need medical care throughout the year, other than routine preventative care.


Short Term Health Insurance is available to those individuals who are without insurance for a short time, such as in between enrollment periods.  Premiums are typically inexpensive and usually do not exceed a 12 month period.  It's also important to note that these types of policies do not cover pre-existing or on-going medical conditions, and they may or may not contain the minimum essential benefits as required by new healthcare reform.