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Columbia City Benefits Group is a full service insurance brokerage specializing in Medicare and other Supplemental insurance coverages.  We work with Seniors, Individuals and Small Groups in 40 states throughout the US.

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*Disclaimer:  This is intended for information purposes only.  We have attempted to provide the most accurate information possible, but we make no guarantees regarding its accuracy or completeness.  This information not intended to be legal, or other professional advice.  If you have questions, please contact us.  




Options for Individual Health Insurance and Medicare outside of the Enrollment Period

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Events that qualify you to enroll for health insurance or Medicare outside of the enrollment periods.

Health Insurance


Recent healthcare reform laws have changed the way consumers purchase individual health insurance policies.  Except for a few special qualifying events, individual health policies must be purchased during the annual open enrollment period - this includes both the private health insurance market and the public health insurance marketplace (the Exchange).  Currently, open enrollment is closed.  If you have missed the deadline for enrollment, you might have to pay a penalty under the new rules of the ACA and you’ll also have to wait until open enrollment begins again to get covered.

What are the qualifying exceptions to the above?

-You are moving to a new state

-You have had changes in your income

-You have had a change in family status such as marrying, divorce or having a baby

Medicare also has some qualifying events allowing one to enroll for Medicare Parts B, or Medicare Advantage outside of the annual enrollment period.  These are as follows:

-You are turning 65

-You move to a new area that is not in your current plan’s service area

-Recently moved back to the US

-You lose your current coverage (either Group or Medicaid)

-You now need a SNP (Special Needs Plan) or you no longer need a SNP

If you have questions or feel you may qualify to enroll for either individual health insurance or Medicare outside of the enrollment period, please contact Michelle Moore directly for further assistance.  Note: there is never a fee charged to clients to have assistance with our insurance products.